Start-up to Grown-up

Brighton has potential. It just happens to be the number one spot in the UK for start-ups, and although initially they might not need lots of office space, once they've grown up they'll need a place to go.

There isn't a huge amount of new office space available in Brighton, because construction of commercial space is limited. That means dated offices need updating, and difficult spaces that might need more space planning are now being considered. In addition, the demand for housing is now so high that in April 2016, the temporary permitted development right to change usage from office to dwelling was made permanent, resulting in an unprecedented rise in applications for usage change.

Companies require different things from their space now; employees want breakout rooms, places to relax, and open plan spaces that allow them to work more successfully with their colleagues. This means offices need to be specifically designed for each company, enabling them to express their brand and ethos, whilst providing a comfortable and productive working environment. This is where space planning come into its own. During this stage, your budget and growth plans are taken into consideration, as well as how to plan your space so that it suits your brand identity down to the ground. Comfort is key to a productive workforce, so we include plans for facilities that will make coming to work that little bit easier. Buildings in Brighton can often be tricky to work in, due to their age & layout, so using a refurbishment company with knowledge and experience of the area is essential.

A good commercial agent is essential when making this transition, because they can find the perfect location for you, whether you need parking, to be close to transport links or just want a nice view out of the window! Once you've decided on your location, you can choose an experienced refurbishment company to create the perfect office environment for you.

Case Study: Iris Connect, Brighton

In today's fast moving market, companies need to ensure their workspace can support flexible, agile working that brings teams together. Creating a variety of compelling spaces that enable your teams to work how they want, and that attract and retain the right talent, is an essential investment. After a period of considerable growth, our friends at Iris Connect had some serious space issues and it was time for an office move. The ground floor of Sovereign House in Brighton was to become their new home. Starting with a blank canvas, this 9-week project had a lot of exciting design ideas to incorporate.

As a company that's all about teaching, learning & sharing knowledge, Iris Connect deserved a space that really reflected that. They required areas where ideas could be shared and discussed, and somewhere for staff to go to really focus on their work. Important calls and meetings with clients had to take place in spaces that made Iris look professional. A relaxing breakout space was essential so that staff were as happy and productive as possible.

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