• Being such a big player in the world of tech means that Siemens have a large and hugely varied customer base, and they needed a way to keep in touch and gain valuable feedback from the people that matter most. 

    For Rocket Projects, this meant embarking on our third Customer Experience Centre build at their manafacturing plant in Congleton.

    A Customer Experience Centre needs to be impressive, and that's what we achieved at Siemens with the modern, space-age aesthetic. The space had to be multi-functional; with places to display new products, as well as areas for presentations and demonstrations.

    This project centres around bespoke joinery, with a product display wall installed, lit with LED strip lights, as well as a white high-gloss Formica Colourcore innovation shelf.

    A magnetic Thinking Wall has been created from 10 square metres of Smart frameless whiteboards, that can be used as part of more informal presentations. We also custom-built a surround for an interactive 86inch AV screen, which provides staff at Siemens with another way to inform customers about their new products, and allows visitors to get involved with demonstrations.

    Lighting was an integral part of the design + build; it had to be able to provide the right atmosphere for different events and fit with the vision that Siemens had for the space. We installed the Lopen Surface LED system in white, as well as multicolour wash LEDs to bathe the room in colour when necessary, and integrated all lighting with the client's existing building control.

    Bolon Woven Vinyl in silver was laid - a simple but stylish flooring solution that doesn't detract from the main features of the project. Smart projectors were also fitted, so that presentations and images could be beamed onto the walls. 

    This was a build by Rocket Projects for our design partners Platform.