Shine bright!

Lighting can transform a space beyond recognition, so we thought it was important to keep you updated on the latest products from one of our favourite suppliers.

299 Lighting provided the strip lighting for our own office - but it's no ordinary strip lighting. Contrasted against our exposed concrete ceiling, the simple & modern black casing of the Lopen Surface LED lighting system is eye-catching and perfectly suited to our New Memphis style. It's available in two other colours - white and silver, and comes in seven standard sizes to suit any commercial space.

For a more dramatic statement, 299 Lighting offer the Ouse Suspended; an LED ring which can be suspended from any ceiling, and radiates light easily throughout a large space, thanks to its clever infinity diffuser. The ring is only 35mm deep, which emphasises the light, floating aesthetic of this unique fitting. It's available in silver, white or black, and in three different sizes. The simplicity of this design makes it perfect for most commercial projects, including offices, retail, circulation and hospitality.

The last product from 299 is marketed towards premium office space, and we can see why. It's a more stylised version of the Lopen Surface system, and it's called the Faseny Suspended. It has a cleverly designed diffuser which distributes omnidirectional light evenly, so is perfect to work under. It comes in black, white and silver, and in a variety of lengths.

299 Lighting have got a huge variety of fittings to suit any space, so be sure to check them out for your next commercial refurbishment!