The Rocket Refurb - Design Direction

We’re lucky enough to be moving offices with a collection of the best interior designers, graphic designers and architects around, so when it came to the design of our new offices, we were spoilt for choice.

Once the office move had been confirmed, a Pinterest board was set up immediately, so that everyone involved could contribute their own thoughts and inspirations. Of course, there were some varying opinions, but everyone came together to discuss ideas and to provide feedback. We stuck some A3 sheets on the walls, each offering a different style option, and got everyone to stick a green post-it on ones they liked, and a yellow post-it on ones they didn’t, and eventually, a New Memphis (with a twist) style was decided upon. Bright blocks of colour, mixed with geometric patterns and shapes are the most recognisable feature of this design.


Once the general style had been confirmed, our thoughts turned to how to introduce better ways of working, and how to increase productivity. Unlike our current location, the new offices provide bundles of natural light, which is key for a happy and healthy workforce. To add to this, we’ll be minutes from the famous Brighton sea front, so staff can get a breath of fresh sea air whenever they feel the need.


We haven’t been blind to the current trend of collaborative work places either – a top floor space has been reserved for an all-singing, all-dancing interactive and collaborative experience. There’s been a definite focus on people working together and contributing ideas to produce the best results possible for each project.


Although design is exciting and really creative, we have to think about the practicalities of all our decisions, storage being a main consideration. Office work brings with it a huge amount of, well, stuff, including files, paperwork, stationery and technology, and it all has to go somewhere that’s easily accessible and big enough, as well as fitting with the design. Our advice is, don’t limit your search to storage that’s advertised as such – there are hundreds of innovative ways to use furniture that wasn’t meant to be storage, for that purpose.