Puppy love!

Everyone loves dogs right? And if you dont, well...

In honour of our temporary office dog, Morris*, we've decided to clue you in on why you should have a furry friend in your workplace. 82% of employers don't allow it, but 50% of people would bring in their dog if it was permitted, so it's definitely something to consider. There are so many positive things about bringing dogs into work; mainly they're cute and lovely to be around but there are other benefits too.

*Morris is the star of this blog - see pictures. What a cutie!

1. They keep you active!

Taking turns to walk your office dog around the block will do wonders for your physical and mental health by giving you a break from the office environment.

2. They reduce stress!

Studies have shown that being around animals, especially dogs, can reduce stress and boost your mood, and nowhere is that needed more than at work. Just had a stressful meeting? A tense email exchange? Have a cuddle with a pup and you'll soon feel better.

3. Improve job satisfaction.

Taking regular breaks to give your pooch some attention can help you feel ready for the tasks ahead, and rewarding yourself with some puppy love will motivate you to get more done, as well as making sure you're looking forward to coming in on Monday mornings!

4. Brings your team together.

Having something to talk about in the office that isn't work-related allows your team to bond, and they could even go on dog walks together!

5. Finally, it's good for the dog!

Dogs aren't meant to be left alone all day, so being brought to a place where they're showered with attention instead of chewing shoes and scratching up the carpet means that everybody wins.

There are some things to consider though:

  • Make sure animals are allowed in your building, especially if you rent from somebody else.
  • Check that no-one in the office is allergic to dogs, and that nobody is scared/nervous of them. 
  • Be sure that the dog is well-behaved & toilet-trained so there aren't any accidents.
  • Make sure the dog is contained in the office and there's no danger of him/her escaping.
  • Provide all necessary food and make sure he/she has access to fresh water at all times.

We're convinced, now you go and show this to your boss, and use those puppy-dog eyes!