The O2 - Standing Entrance

As a world-renowned entertainment hub, The O2 works hard to give its visitors the best experience possible. 

Previously, customers with standing tickets would camp out by the service entrances to get to the front of the arena, and would then be taken through the main entrance.  

The O2 decided to transform one of its service entrances into a stylish and welcoming standing entrance to ensure that these dedicated customers get the treatment they deserve.

To achieve the desired effect of this project, we had to create a visually stunning interior, while still adhering to strict security regulations, and ensuring that it could deal with the 300,000 visitors that are scheduled to pass through it each year. 

There are two parts to this entrance; a bright and colourful lobby with barriers for ticket and bag-checking, and through some doors, an additional area with access to the cloakroom, with more doors that lead to the arena itself. 

The lobby is lit by hanging neon tube lights that bathe the space in red, green or blue light, and the surrounding walls are painted a muted grey to ensure that the lighting takes centre stage. 

The cloakroom access is decorated in the same grey as the lobby, and has simple white tube lighting on one wall that gives the area a bright & open feel. A roller shutter painted in a darker grey opens to reveal the cloakroom, and the doors that link all parts of the entrance are pale grey with chrome details, to tie the spaces together.