Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health is a nationwide healthcare provider, and The Royal Masonic School is a private school for girls in Hertfordshire, who entered into a partnership with Nuffield Health to share the fitness suite and gym that Rocket Projects designed and built. When the school is open, the pupils have full use of the gym and its fully trained staff, and private Nuffield members have access after school hours.

A gym needs to be bright and motivational; a place where people can go to improve their health and feel better about themselves. It also needs to look professional, but still be welcoming.

Rocket commissioned the custom-built reception desks and constructed a double-height partition wall to separate the gym from the rest of the school. We laid practical carpet tiles throughout, and took care of all the electrical work, along with heating and cooling. The lime green decoration of the wall space in the reception and the gym itself was the finishing touch, and Nuffield Health took care of the signage.

An inviting and calm atmosphere is created on arrival at the reception and continues throughout the gym journey. The design is eye-catching and the air conditioning system helps keep red faces at bay. State of the art equipment is perfect for pupils who are learning, and private members who expect a high-quality experience.

Images courtesy of Jim Stephenson.