New Collections: Office Furniture Spring Wishlist

Furniture can make or break a commercial space, and is such an important factor in employee well-being. So we've been in contact with some of the biggest furniture suppliers around to see what they've got to offer in 2016.

Triumph have caught on to the standing-desk trend and have introduced their own adjustable project: The Sit Stand E-Desk. We discussed standing desks in our Office Furniture 2016 post, and their popularity is continuing to increase as more light is shone on their health benefits.The Sit Stand E-Desk is the best of both worlds - employees can sit when they need to focus, and stand when they need to stretch or move around. Its clever electrical mechanism means the desk can be changed from sitting to standing in a matter of moments.

Another leader in the standing-desk market is London-based Max Furniture. Their StandUp desk mechanism works on a finger-light operation, with no need for electricity. Its simplistic design, along with advanced technology, makes this ideal for any office. And, of course, the health benefits are consistent with other brands; the ability to switch between sitting and standing provides variety in an 8 hour working day, and staff have seen a notable increase in productivity & their ability to focus.

Max have also introduced a playful new breakout furniture range - the Packman. This quirky design is perfect for a relaxing breakout space, or a comfortable waiting area for guests. Whatever you decide to use Packman for, it'll certainly make people smile.

In 2015, Isomi launched their Concrete collection at 100% Design London. Their range of reception desks are made entirely of concrete, and are deliberately minimal to highlight the quality of the raw material. The desks' sign-in platforms are cleverly developed from wire mesh that would normally be hidden inside the structure, but are exposed to provide a practical solution.

Isomi's next material story will be told in metal; a completely new material for the company. The three desks will be created from brass, copper and steel & will be unveiled at Clerkenwell Design Week 2016. 

However you decide to design your office, these big name suppliers have a huge variety of products that will suit any style or budget, so add them to your wishlist this Spring!