Middle Street

This project was pretty special to us, because the result would be our home for many years to come. After years in a basement office in Hove, Rocket Projects and our partners at Platform Group wanted to find somewhere new, together, to expand and continue our journeys. We found 47 Middle Street in Brighton’s famous South Lanes, slap bang in the centre of town, with shops, restaurants and the sea just minutes away. Over 7 weeks, the dated office was transformed into a modern, New Memphis-style masterpiece. 

When designing our new offices, both Rocket and Platform wanted to make sure we could include some luxuries that our old place was lacking, the most basic of all being natural light. With 19 sash windows on each floor, the entire space is bathed in light whatever the weather. In addition to that, we’ve included black feature linear lights arranged on the exposed concrete ceiling for a more intense light to work beneath. 

The design is inspired by the New Memphis style movement, which consists of bright colours splashed around a monochrome background, with simple geometric shapes at its heart. Middle Street features bold feature walls in yellow & green, and the lobby is decorated in a moody blue. The little library on the first floor dips into Scandinavian style, with its calming colour schemes and cosy touches, for a more relaxed breakout space. It’s also a more informal meeting room, with no big screens or flash tech, just good old fashioned books, pens & paper. 

The second floor is split into a general office area for another company to sublet, a formal meeting room and a Collaborative Centre for Platform. A huge screen helps to capture their creativity through digital communication and app & web development, and stylish but comfortable furniture provides somewhere for clients to relax while presentations and workshops take place. 

In the main office spaces, we decided on simple white desks with curved black frames underneath as legs, which tie in nicely with the New Memphis theme without overwhelming the space. Each desk has its own desk pedestal in black, which have a cushioned top, and can be wheeled out and used as stools when necessary, to save colleagues taking their chairs with them for a quick chat. Good ergonomics are essential for a more productive office, so we went with Orangebox Do HBA chairs, which have excellent support and full adjustability, to ensure a comfortable day at work. 

There are two kitchens, located on the first and second floors, consisting of two fridges, a dishwasher, waste disposal, and enough cupboards for everyone’s personal coffee mugs! The units are a muted sky blue, with black tiles and hidden door handles for a sleek, unbroken aesthetic. 

Practical storage solutions were essential to this project, and each section of the office has a dedicated storage space. Platform & Rocket Projects both have banks of cupboards, both tall and small to store admin files, financial information and the basics like stationary. Everyone has their own personal storage within their desk pedestal, that have three spacious drawers. 

The screed flooring is a really practical solution that matches the raw industrial look of the exposed concrete, but provides better acoustics and is better at controlling the temperature, as well as providing a smooth surface for chairs and desks.