Iris Connect

After a period of considerable growth, our friends at Iris Connect had some serious space issues and it was time for an office move. The ground floor of Sovereign House in Brighton was to become their new home. Starting with a blank canvas, this 9 week project had a lot of exciting design ideas to incorporate.

As a company that’s all about teaching, learning & sharing knowledge, Iris Connect deserved a space that really reflected that. They required areas where ideas could be shared and discussed, and somewhere for staff to go to really focus on their work. Important calls and meetings with clients had to take place in spaces that made Iris look professional. A relaxing breakout space was essential so that staff were as happy and productive as possible.

A collaborative space seemed to be the answer for Iris Connect, so we created a bright multi-use area. A ceiling-height whiteboard faces moveable tables and stools, surrounded by fixed benches that can be used as seating or as workspaces. Meetings, informal discussions, presentations and individual work can all take place here, providing better ways work and a welcome break from the routine of a desk.

Two meeting pods were built at the far end of the office, separating some of the departments and providing private meeting spaces. They banish the idea of traditional meeting rooms and appear to float above the floor, making them a unique design feature. They house round tables with stylish chairs, all lit by funky black lamp chandeliers. Each pod has a Smart board and surfaces to write on with markers.

A modern kitchen was built alongside a relaxing seating area, perfect for eating lunch or taking a much needed tea break.

Iris Connect supports self-improving teachers, schools and systems. They help them to build on their strengths by observing lessons, coaching and mentoring and providing technology solutions. Their office now represents who they are and what they do, with a clever open plan layout to maximise their space and provide support to staff, as well as inspirational graphics and practical use of tech.

This project was delivered by Rocket Projects with designs by our partners at Platform.

Images courtesy of Jim Stephenson.