Floors to adore!

We've had a chat with some of our biggest flooring suppliers to find out about their newest products, and here's what they've got to offer in 2016.

Bolon's latest product, Bolon By You, premiered at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair in February and gives customers the opportunity to create a more personalised look, using an interactive web tool. This enables designers and architects to create flooring looks that fit perfectly to the functional and aesthetic requirements of their project. The web tool allows the user to visualise the entire theme of the design by creating mood boards.

The new collection includes 6 diverse new patterns - Weave, Geometric, Dot, Lace, Grid & Stripe - from which a large number of combinations can be devised. Graphic and linear designs would fit with a more corporate commercial space, and softer, more organic expressions would suit a more relaxed environment. 12 all-new weft colours complete the collection, and range from pastel shades to lively primary colours, as well as darker, more intense tones.

Desso released their Transitions in Structure collection late last year; a selection of non-directional carpet tiles that offer an almost 3D view when looked upon. There are four to choose from; Desert, Rock, Salt & Grain. The aim of each design is to 'bring the outside in'. Desert is designed to open up spaces, with its subtly layered organic aesthetic in 8 neutral shades, from muted mushroom to deep charcoal. Rock & Salt are often paired together, with Rock providing neutral backgrounds, and Salt adding splashes of subtle but intense colour. This allows the room to have character, without dominating the space. Grain aims to soften spaces by introducing natural shapes, and is available in 12 colours which from soft neutrals to more vibrant block colours.

We've got info on two of Polyflor's latest products here - Affinity 255 and Expona SimpLay loose lay LVT. Affinity 255 is a collection of 16 reproduced wood designs, which authentically replicate the look of natural textures. These vinyl tiles blend easily with Polyflor's range of safety flooring, which make it easy to separate commercial areas seamlessly.

The Expona SimpLay collection offers a range of authentically reproduced natural materials, in the form of adhesive-free, ready-to-lay tiles, which reduce the time and cost of installation. They're very hard-wearing, making them perfect for heavy commercial environments such as offices and retail spaces. Expona SimpLay tiles are available in 38 new designs, featuring both modern and traditional takes on stone, wood and textiles.

Milliken are passionate about carpet and we particularly like two of their Dissimost recent collections. Glazed Clay is a selection of stunning designs that incorporate artistic washes of colour that give the impression of watercolours. There are 30 different options, each blending subtle neutral tones, as well as some being marbled with bright, bold colours including blues, greens, pinks & purples.

Dissident 2.0 carpet tiles incorporate vibrant colours and shades of grey that create interesting directional patterns when laid. They can also be used in conjunction with Dissident 2.0 Transitionwhich consist of three tiles that when put side by side, give a 'transition' effect, where the colour fades slowly into the neutral shade beside it.

Great products make great projects, and we're keen on keeping you informed with what's out there so that we can work together to find the best solution for your commercial space.