• Creators of the decision engine platform ‘15Gifts’ came to us to discuss a re-fit of their existing offices in the heart of Brighton. With such gorgeous views from their fourth floor windows, we needed to create an interesting space that kept the staff’s eyes firmly in the office. In addition, this growing team needed a well-designed space to spread their wings.
    In just 3 short weeks, the Rocket Projects team transformed the top floor. New softer lighting was installed in the form of a series of varied pendant lamps, to compliment the natural light that floods into the office. Over the picnic-style seating area are some stylised industrial lamps hanging from old market crates, with different coloured bulbs. The desks have simpler, but still stylish, lamps in a variety of colours.
    We created a pallet wall behind one desk clump, surrounded by colour-changing LEDs to act as additional light source & an interesting design feature.
    In the existing meeting room we fitted some rustic-style joinery to create storage spaces against the wall. Three comfy sofas and a beanbag were added, along with a rug to make it feel like home. We also created a new meeting space with some built-in benches, cushioned with some quirky pebble-shaped cushions by pebble-pillows.com.
    The breakout area is probably the most interesting area of this refit. It has a distinct outdoors-y feel, with a fake grass floor from Blades Artificial Grass and an over-sized wooden picnic bench. Staff could sit up, or spread out a blanket for an al-fresco experience.
    The kitchen area was given a complete overhaul, with a new breakfast bar and updated units.

    Images courtesy of Jim Stephenson.